Moving out of your own home is probably one of the biggest steps you will ever have to consider and we at Rowandale Nursing Home appreciate and understand your anxiety.

To help you along every step of the way we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions in an effort to smooth your path should this day be about to dawn.

We realise this may not answer all of your questions and cordially invite you to contact us, or indeed our Head Office, should there be anything else that you might wish to ask.

Will I be looked after on a 24-hour basis?

Every resident is assessed on their individual needs. Although some might require more help than others, everyone is encouraged to retain their independence and privacy.

All Homes are staffed round the clock to ensure that the needs and requirements of residents are met.

Can my visitors call at the Home at any time?

There are no restrictions made on anyone visiting the Home and indeed friends and relatives are encouraged to visit you as often as you and they wish.

It is also our policy to make all visitors feel welcome and on their arrival they will be offered tea or coffee and biscuits.

Am I allowed to bring personal items into the home?

We actively encourage residents to bring things which will make them feel even more at home.

Can I bring my pet?

This depends on the individual pet, but the Care Manager will be happy to discuss this with you and will accommodate where possible.

Will I be able to go out independently?

Maintaining independence is just as important to us as it is to residents but arrangements can still be made for our care staff to accompany anyone who would prefer this.

Does Rowandale Nursing Home offer an activities programme?

A wide and varied activities programme is available to all residents who are actively encouraged to provide any additional suggestions which could further expand and enhance this service.

Can I retain registration with my own Doctor?

This is dependent only on the doctor agreeing that you are within their practice radius.

What happens if I become ill?

We will always request a visit by your doctor and your relatives or next of kin will be informed.

Staff will also take full responsibility for your attendance at outpatient, dental and options appointment with someone accompanying you whenever required.

Do I have a choice of food?

Choice along with quality and presentation of meals is very important and we pride ourselves on the standard of home cooking and baking on offer. There is a choice at all meal times and if the day’s menu doesn’t suit a resident they will be offered something else from the kitchen.

Residents can also request food and beverages whenever they require them.

Can I go to bed and get up when I wish?

Every effort is made to make your residency as close to living at home as possible.

Will anyone understand how I feel about giving up my home?

Everyone understands the importance and impact that your decision to move will have. We will make every effort to ensure that you familiarise yourself with your new surroundings but it is our experience that residents are often surprised at how easy it is to settle in.

Does the Home offer Respite Care?

We can offer short term care from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the need of the resident or their carer.

What about if I am not happy or I am worried about something?

All residents are encouraged to feel completely free to make comments about any part of the service that is provided. Indeed Forth Care Ltd have an established complaints procedure and your comments will always be recorded and acted upon.

Every resident is allocated a designated member of staff as their key worker, enabling them to build a special relationship and to discuss any personal worries or problems with them or the care home manager.